Entry: The Fool Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Okay, so after I have been drawing some stuff... intending it to be good and to use for a Christmas card... I'm now itch to draw more and to do more. Plus having just both a tablet (pen mouse) make me want to do a CG. In addition to that, yesterday when I was at a bookstore, I saw and bought a CG book.

So here I am... having been sitting in front of computer all day trying to do what I forgot (since I haven't do it in such a long time) and feel at some level accomplished. I sat and think about what should I do.. since I just don't want to do random pic (I have a lot of that already). I finally decided... a tarot cards set. I always interested and read tarot card by myself from time through time.

Okay... if you know about Tarot card you know that it included with two big parts, major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana included with 22 cards, and represent most important read in the reading. While the minor arcana devided in to four groups, cups, swords, wands, and pentacles, and each has 14 cards...which make the total of 56 cards. So in total a tarot card sets (full) is included with 78 cards.

I'll be death before I draw and do CG to all of that!! LOL No, I'll only do the major arcana part. 22 of them... the problem is the idea... will have to make it look different and look "me" as in my own version of tarot card. LOL

But don't expected too much from me, I'm only amateur CGer. I'm not good at it... and I'm barely a good drawer/artist. So add that and that together, you know what you can expected. LOL

But hey... if not, here's one that I did today. Comments are welcome and much appreciated.

Card major arcana number 0, The Fool.

The Fool

Next project... major arcana number 1, The Magician....


December 22, 2004   09:52 PM PST
oooooh, i don't understand about tarot card, but the card is fabulous! very nice! ^_______^

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