Entry: Nostalgic... Wednesday, November 24, 2004

This post is totally randomness on one of my all-time favourite rock band. "X Japan". If any of you love Japanese music, J-pop, J-rock, or what ever J you like , and you don't know X Japan... I must ask you where were you??

X Japan is probably one of the legendary in Japan... from 1980's on... They are th greatest rock band of their time. Many bands nowaday still hold them as model.. as someone to look up to... They were the first band to start the Visual Kei period, which is the visual dress up theme.

They were the first rock band that got to perform their concert in Tokyo Dome... which origianally are famous for Baseball and Pop music concert only.  

And here I am... watching once again the DVD of their last concert in 1997... Still sad that they broke up... but I understand.. things always changed... and people moved on. But they still are the best rock band ever in my eyes and heart.

I don't know how many times I have watched this DVD... and I thought that I know it all... still... I can't take my eyes off the TV screen. See them there... playing... singing... break my heart once again. Listening to their musics... tears formed in my eyes. Remember of the old days... when I listened to their songs all day long, and there's nothing more that I wanted to make me happy.

Watching him there.... "hide" (pronouce he-dae).. there on the stage playing his yellow guitar with red hearts all over it... make me sad. It have been 6 years that he passed away. He passed away one year after the band broke up... such a tragedy. We were all sadden and shocked by the news. He was a kind of man who always make people laugh and smile... and to think that we would never see his smile again... drove many of us the the edge of sanity... Many couldn't take the reality and chose the easier way of escaping life altogether... wishing to meet "hide" again on the other side of that river.

Watching "Toshi" (pronounce toe-shi) there singing his heart out to us... bleed over the lyric and songs. With stained of tears still visible on his cheeks... though he covered his probably red eyes with sunglasses. Knowing that he was the one who cause the band to breke up... when he chose the different path from them... knowing that his bandmate couldn't replace him with any other guy... It will not be "X Japan" without Toshi.... but still he had chose it... we understand.

"Pata" (pronounce pa-ta) and "Heath" (pronounce heat) there on the stage together withthe band for the last time...

And "Yoshiki" (pronounce yo-shi-ki), what can I say about him? An all-round musician who just have the umlimited passion for musics. He's the heart of the band... and of my heart... watchin him there playing his crystal dum set... with neck-case because the doctor wouldn't let him play it without one... to many injuried happened to the guy's neck. Only God knows what would happened if he hurted his neck again, the back-bone is not something you should take it for granted. And knowing that his wrists probably still hurted... why he have to always pushed himself over the limited?

And there they are... together for the last time. With 50,000 fans in the Tokyo Dome as witnesses... for their last live. Watched them played till they collapsed... because they know.. that this is really the last time they can do that.

And when it all ended... they left the stage... empty... fans cried out for them... begging for them to come back.. but not anymore.

And who would have thought.... that when they're together again... all five of them.. it was one year later... at "hide"'s funeral. Playing "Forever Love" for the very last time... to send off their dear friend to eternal sleep...

"I'll sing withour you, I'll sing without you. Can you hold my tears? Cause still I love you..." ~ Longing

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November 27, 2004   12:14 AM PST
dear, every fan is saddened when watching the last live *sigh* but eventhough they're not together now, they always live on even in our hearts ne, including hide =)

happy belated birthday to yoshiki ^^

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