Entry: First post since I got here Friday, March 26, 2004

First of all folks, I'm here in the States. It's have been only couple of days but I'm bored. You know me, can't live without my computer... and well, yeah I'm on the computer but in my dorm which have about 300 something residence but we have only three computers available (one of them can't access internet too)

Enough of my complaining, so far things work out. Nothing I need to worry about, not about visa or classes or anything. I live in a dorm which is the closest available from my campus so that's good. Eventhough I still have to walk up the hill, as my campus and the dorm is on the hill. LOL I will try to think  about this as an opportunity to exercise.. a lot!

As I told you, I can't be on long as this computer is public and I'm sure many people want to use it, so I'll be nice and try to be short. So, I'm sorry if I can't update often or can't write long. I'll have to wait and see if I could find computer lap in any building that I can use as well. Hopefully things will settle sown a bit. I have a feeling that I start to feel withdraw, if you know what I mean. It's just that, everything is so different (eventhough I expected this) and that I can't  do things I always do, you know. Stay up late, stay on the computer for hours, listen to music from sterio, watch TV/DVD, and all that.... I guess that's what I'm missing, computer sterio and TV.

Yeah, I know... I'm pathetic....T___T


hana aka arsenal x
April 1, 2004   07:39 AM PST
hey dearie, i'm having a new environment too here in my new JC, but i still meet up with my old JC friends, so i guess i'm in a better position then you. butdon't worry, you'll adapt soon, and once you do, you'll find all the nice things in the States ^__^ ganbatte ne!!

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