Entry: Bon Voyage to myself LOL Monday, March 22, 2004

Okay, this will be my last entry before I head out to US. I'm still packing some stuffs, trying to remember what I do need and what I do not need. The first time I went to US I brought a HUGE suitcase, but I bring a lot smaller one this time. LOL I learn my lesson about carry that suitcase up to my room that was on fourth floor! (and that suitcase was f***ing heavy too!)

On April 8th, there will be QAF premire in SF, and I'm totally there!! XXD It's only 20 minutes away ffrom my campus, and I'll be total idiot if I don't go!! Will take plenty of pics for sure with my brand new digital camera that my mom just got me. She think that I will need it and since my sister will need her when they go to Europe trip in mid-April, she got me one!! Whoohoo!!! Really, I wasn't even asking for it, I was about to bring my (normal) camera. But my sister and I went to computer convention and they have sale for everything, camera, computer, book, etc, so the camera was cheaper than normal!! XXD

Now folks, I hope I'll be able to get back to computer soon after I get there. I'll report on how's the class, life, dorm, and everything.

So long for now,


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