Entry: VISA!!! Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Okay, guys and gals, it's official! I just got back from the US embassy earlier, and GOOD NEWS!!! I got the visa! Mr. Green But that came from pretty painful waiting... here's the story,

I got out from bed about 5:30ish and got to the embassy at 6:30AM.  And that's after two and a half hours of sleep and non-breakfast for me, I want to be there as early as possible. When I got there, there's already about 100 of them there. I waited in the line in front of the embassy fro about an hour, then I got in. After I got in, I got this queue ticket number 810, the time was 7:30AM. In that little ticket have this on... "waiting time 12 minutes", so I think that I might actually finish up here soon enough to catch my friends at school later on. At that moment the number was at 803.. there also many lots of number including 0XX, 5XX, 6XX, 8XX, and 9XX. Which I have no idea what's the differences.

8AM, the number is still at 803....
8:30AM, still at 803....

I got up and ask about the number, she said "you have to wait".... I look at the number on the screen again and said "that number have been up for an hour, what's wrong?". She then replied, "you have to wait"  grrrrr.....

9AM, still at 803.... others, 05X (flowing quite smoothly) , 510, 608, 803, 903...
9:30AM, still at 803.... I'm starting to lose my patient.... I think "Twelve minuts my a**!!!! It's already 2 freaking hours!!" 
10AM, hahaaa 803!!
10:30AM, others number start to flow... 10X (from 0XX), 510, 611, 904... AND 803.
11AM, I'm tired of waiting, I'm bored to death, I'm sleepy, and I'm hungry! I didn't bring my CD-player to the embassy with me, and they took our cellphone... so I basically have nothing to do in the waiting room...except to stare at the screen. Now if I close my eyes, I can see that "803" very clearly, and I was joking with people who sit next to me about buying a lotto with that number later on.

And 11:30AM!! The number actually changed!! Not my imagination, it really happened!! There was actually a roar in the waiting room when the number on the screen change to 805!!!! O____O

I got my interview about 11:50ish, and answered his question which was easy ones. What's my name, why do you want to enter the States, to study what?, how long will I stay, and who will pay for my tuition...
He gave me this little yellow ticket, and told me to come back later about 2PM to get my passport back. I thanks him and left for lunch....

1:30PM, I got back and got in that dreadful waiting room again. Surprisingly, I met my friend from high-school there. She's also applying for visa, she's on Work&Travel program and will be working in Six Flags, Arlington this spring. I was very happy to met her, we chat and catch up on how other are doing. About 30 minutes later she had her interview, and she could leave right then because her agency will pick the passport for her later. But she was also waiting for her others friends to finish up their interview, so she sat with me and chatted some more.
2PM, came and went... no calling or anything
2:30PM, nope...nada.... except that my friend left... now I have no one to talk to again!  T_T 
3:00PM, they started calling some number... mostly with pink ticket. I was like "what about yellow ticket??"

3:30PM, they finally call my number and I got up to the window. This lady handed me my passport and said "your visa is issued"
I was happy to finally able to leave! LOL  It was 8 hours of waiting, and I think I have had enough. 

So, that's what I had been doing today folks!! Very exciting stuffs, I would say! *sarcasm*  But the good news is that, I got my visa and the expeiration date is in 2009! So, I'm happy about that!!!

One last thing, I LOVE HAL!!!!!!!!! 

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March 10, 2004   10:35 AM PST
Hooray!!! Now you can come visit!!! Oh man, I hope I don't have to go through that process whenever I decide to go to Australia for vacation (which won't be until probably another 10 years at this rate! *laughs*).
March 11, 2004   08:01 AM PST
Just visiting :P
hana a.k.a arsenal x
March 17, 2004   10:40 PM PST
oh manz, just saw your blog again today... well, congrats rocepta!! i know it's hard to get visa nowadays, just happy that you finally get yours. just a simple question, you'll still be able to update your blog when you're there, right? well, all the best to you dear! i'm studying overseas myself, but spore is definitely much nearer than The States... all my blessings go with you ^____^
Cooking Corn On The Cob
August 31, 2005   10:49 PM PDT
Cooking Corn On The Cob

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