Entry: I LOVE HAL SPARKS!!! Monday, March 08, 2004

I LOVE YOU, HAL!!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

And I LOVE you, Lyndsey!!!

I got home from school today, which by the way, was tiring. I had business writing test today, and it was hard!!! Then a short meeting with my composition class teacher, Ms. Lulu. It was a short talk to see how our works are coming, she said mine was okay and she have no worry about me. GREAT! XD

Okay, so that was that....

I got home and uploading some files up to my webstorage. DONE! Thank God! I was uploading this same file last night, and when its almost done, the internet connection died!! And its happend three times!! I have no ide what went wrong with it...grrr....


I was checking the Lair (as always,) Lindz IMed me. She have THING for me!!! She told me that she would get Hal to say HI and Happy Birthday to me. And she DID got it for me!!!!


Okay, here's what she told me.

Lindz:  "do you think I could get a little clip of you saying HI and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my net friend?"
Hal:    "sure of course!"
Lindz: "her name is rocepta"
Hal:    "OH I KNOW ROCEPTA! She posts at my site!"

Yes folks, he said he know me!!! XXXD   That's just made my day!!!! I love him even more (if that even possible) that he's so kind and caring. I read in many posts and amazed how he can remember his fans!! ... okay more of my feeling later, here's what he said in the clip.

*little voice over of Lindz* "Okay, go ahead"
Hal: " *waving* Hi Rocepta. Thank you for all the gifts. I love you. Happy Birthday."
*little voice over of Lindz* "Thank you"

The clip is 6 seconds in total, but its mean so much more than that!!! I watched this clip for like three hours now, you do the math that how many time I already watched it. XXD

Okay folks, so here's my thought.... HE REMEMBERS ME!!!!

Gawd, this is speechless, I don't know how to explain this feeling of mine. You know, he and I never meet but he remembers me. It's HUGE for me. And he said "I love you" XXD  that's totally cool!

BIG THANK YOU to Lyndsey, she's totally nice to do this for me. While in that time she should be enjoying herself with Hal, she took time out of the little time (that Showtime gives you) and do this for me!! Thank you so much, Lyndsey! You have no idea how this means to me!

{{ Big Bear Hug to LYNDSEY }}

*sigh* Okay folks, that's all for now. Let me go watch this clip for about umm.. hundred times and I'll be back online again! LOL


March 10, 2004   03:54 AM PST
Rocepta, darling! I'm am so happy that you love it! When I read this post, I felt loved! ^_^

I love ya, Rocepta! Happy Birthday, dearie!
hana a.k.a arsenal x
March 17, 2004   10:43 PM PST
*jaws dropped* that's totally cool rocepta!!! it's really really cool!!! congrats!!! i bet you're still very excited about it now... *imagines the same scenario with yoshiki as hal and hana as rocepta* i feel like fainting... *grins* i'm sure u know what i mean, don't you XD

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