Sunday, April 18, 2004
Hal Sparks!!!

Folks!!! I finally got to meet him last week!!! I know "then why are you telling us now?" It's a complicated situation that made me unable to post it last week. But here we go!!

WARNING: this is really long!

The whole day started off with Wanda, her daughter (Robyn), and James (Wanda's Friend whom became my friend too) came over to pick me up at my dorm. From there, we got on the road with our destination set: San Francisco! ole

We got to the Castro area about 6PM, and we figured that we would have plenty of time to grab something to eat first. Not! We were having trouble finding a parking space, which took half hour and by that time we didn’t want to risk missing anything. So we skip the dinner. We were lucky that James knows the area, he was able to point out where is the theater and all.

In front of Castro Theater, there're about 20-30 people waiting in line. Wanda went to check that we're in the right line and we waited for about 10 minutes or so when the line started moving. When we got to the reception desk, a woman from Showtime asked for our name.

Okay, folks...first of all...let me tell you that Hal put us on the guest list in order to get us inside. That's all we know, and that's all we had hoped for…to get in!!

He put us on the list all right, under " Reservation seats by Hal Sparks "! How cool is that? My heart started beating so fast when I hear the lady said that little line. Yeah, I'm such a dork. When we got inside we grabbed something to eat (they have free popcorn and free soda!), then off we went to find the seats. The seats are under " Reserved Sparks ", and the usher walked up to us and asked if we were looking for a seat? We told her that we're under reservation of Hal Sparks, and she told us to take a seat and leave one for him! Yeah, you heard me right, leave one for him. We were stunned! Not only he put us on the list, he put us on the list as his guest to sit with him! faint

Now the problem is who'll sit next to him! LOL

After some haggling, the seat plan came out like this...Robyn, Wanda, HAL, me and James (my partner in crime)!

I started to freaked out every time I look over to Wanda's seat because I see an empty space that...will be Hal's seat!! James and I decided that we don't want to have the popcorn with us when Hal is here, so we went off to the main hall to throw them away. And guess what, we saw flashes start to go off. When we look over we saw Bobby Gant (he's play Ben in QAF) walking in! And he looks really nice in that suit! We were trying to get picture of him but he was walking too fast! James and I decided that we would hang out in the lobby for, just in case. wink

Then BOOM!! Hal himself, walked in at that very moment! He was taking picture with two girls so we stand back. After that, we had a chance to take a picture with him too. He asked me where I came from and I told him "Thailand", he said "Kub Kun Krup". Which is "Thank you" in Thai to me. faint
Honestly, this man was trying to give me a heart attack!! (I didn't introduce myself though, because he was in a hurry to rush upstairs to the reception room and we knew that we would have a chance to introduce ourselves later!)

We didn't catch anyone else, and we found out later that we CAN go upstairs!! So, James and I went upstairs to take a peek. We saw Peter , Bobby , Hal and Michelle up there. James wanted to go downstairs to get his QAF book for them to sign, so we came down again. Yeah, we were running up and down! When we went up, Gale followed behind us. James couldn't get him to sign his book, however we got everyone else to sign it. Michelle signed it first, then Peter, Bobby and then Ron Cowen . They all were very nice and gracious. Michelle looks lovely in her dress, she’s very pretty. Peter was so nice and I never know that he have such a deep voice, I was stunned. Peter is totally handsome when you see him in person. Bobby, well... we all know how Bobby is. He was so nice and so hot! James chatted with Ron a bit about how the show affected his life, and I saw Hal went downstairs (James didn't get his autograph yet).
After James finished chatting with Ron, he got Gale to signed a piece of paper for him. (FYI, I saw Gale taking a picture with a gal, and instead of saying "cheese" he said "fuck" Rolling Eyes )

Hal in the reception room Bobby Gant in reception room 

So, now that James is happy (LOL) we took off and went back downstairs. The theater was packed!! So many people came in in the last 20 minutes athat James and I weren't there. When we got in to the theater, we saw Hal's sitting in his seat and I started to freak out again. (shhh...not so loud I didn't tell him that I was freaking out! Although, he might noticed! LOL)

So, we went to our reserved seats... and Hal turned around "Hey I didn't know that you're Rocepta!" with a brilliant smile on his face. I babbling something back which I couldn't even remember now. I didn't know what to say in that time *kicking myself*, I'm sure many people understand my feeling though, right?
Well, let me remind you again that this is the first time I met him, so I'm not used to his charms, okay? blush

After a little introduce and hug, we settled in for the premiere. Hal was wearing the "Cinderella" shirt and had a bag of popcorn with him. Umm…popcorn?

During the introduction by Showtime (I think) I whispered to him that I can't believe that I'm sitting next to him, and he smiled at me and said "Me too." Hal was totally nice! From time thru time he will lean over and talk to me, make sure that I do not feel left out or something like that. touched

A little bit info about our seats, of course by now you know that we were sitting with Mr. Sparks! We were sitting at row 7 at the very end of the row on the right hand side of the screen. Then to our left, Michelle and Gale. Behind us (directly behind me) was Ron Cowen and Dan Lipman. To Ron and Dan's left were Bobby and Peter. ( So, I practically sitting in middle of Hal, Bobby, Ron, and Dan!) Wanda's daughter was sitting next to Michelle. Refering from her, she told me that Michelle was totally adorable and that it was so cool to sit next to Michelle.

After the QAF ended, there's a short break. And Hal was shouting "L Word, L Word, L Word" LOL Then the "The L Word" started and ended. Sorry gals for no information about QAF or L word, no spoilers remember? But both shows were very interesting and well done. QAF was totally rock, don’t miss the premiere on April 18th! Or you'll be sorry! Mr. Green

Okay, everyone have been talking about the way Hal dressed and that he should dress up a's what he said.
Hal: "I was trying the button down shirt, you know? To dress up a bit. It lasted about five minutes."
There you go, folks. The reason he’s not dress up at the event (LOL) But of course, by now, we know that he finally dressed up in LA Premiere!

So, we were leaving the theater and they also arranged two buses to take us to the Clift Hotel. Hal was total sweetheart, he made sure that we knew where the bus is (which is right in front of the theater!) and that the bus will take us to the hotel. And he said that he will meet us there and gave us hugs. However, I had something in the car that I want to get, so we decided to drive.

Drive?? We then got lost in SF!!!! So, it took longer than we thought to get to the hotel. LOL By the time we arrived, we were so hungry. At least James and I were. We saw Bobby and Peter, so we decided to grab something to eat. Not long after that we spotted Hal, who's busy chatting and taking photo with fans of course. He changed to his Pirate shirt. When I asked him why he changed and he said that someone spilled a drink on him.

Hal gave us each a guitar pick with his Chinese name on the front and his signature on the other side. It is totally cool, thanks a lot Hal ! Very Happy

I also gave him a gift that I brought for him. During the party we all had a chance to chat with him, as well as other fans who came up and complimented him on his work. He was very nice (as always) to every single fan who came up to him. He chatted and willing to take picture with them. Wanda also was doing her little routine, passing out the Lair card ! Kudos to her!! clap

Okay, this is totally weird part of the party. Hal was being photographed by a guy from the Filmmagic site, when he waved me over. He hug me to him and the photographer kept taking pictures! Filmmagic didn't put those pictures up, which in a way I'm glad because I would have a heart attack if they did! I want to see them though LOL Mr. Green

Hal signed the "Reserved Sparks" sign for me and James. He wrote "Rocepta, now you don't have to shout so loud" and signed his name! I just cannot believe that he remember my signature from the Lair!!! faint

Me and Hal!!! Me and BobbyMe and Peter Paige ( he plays Emmett in QAF)
Me and Ron Cowen (executive producer of QAF) Me and Dan Lipman (executive producer of QAF)

Not long after that we thought that we should get going, Hal was also leaving. So we said good bye to him, and he gave us a hug. It was funny that when we were walking out, Hal follow us slowly because he was stopped by fans who came up to him again. I think (I’m not positive though) that Hal is the last cast members that left the party. I belive that Gale never show up, I never see Michelle but I saw some pics online that she was there. Peter was also there, I’m not sure about at what time he left. Bobby left about midnight or so, I think. We left about 12:40 AM but I was totally awake!

It was long yet short night!

Thank you Hal for such a wonderful memory! You're such a wonderful person. I love you so much. It was great to finally meet you. You're everything and more than what I've heard from people who have met you. I hope that I could meet you again soon.

Thank you Wanda , for making that night happened at all. You're real sweet, thank you for thinking of me and being so nice to me. You didn't have to do any of this, but yet you did. Thank you is understatement, but that's all I have. Thank you Wanda!

James , I know you probably won't read this, but man! You're so bad for making me running up and down, back and forth! You're great company and without you my night wouldn't have been as fun! You're a great partner in crime!

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Friday, March 26, 2004
First post since I got here

First of all folks, I'm here in the States. It's have been only couple of days but I'm bored. You know me, can't live without my computer... and well, yeah I'm on the computer but in my dorm which have about 300 something residence but we have only three computers available (one of them can't access internet too)

Enough of my complaining, so far things work out. Nothing I need to worry about, not about visa or classes or anything. I live in a dorm which is the closest available from my campus so that's good. Eventhough I still have to walk up the hill, as my campus and the dorm is on the hill. LOL I will try to think  about this as an opportunity to exercise.. a lot!

As I told you, I can't be on long as this computer is public and I'm sure many people want to use it, so I'll be nice and try to be short. So, I'm sorry if I can't update often or can't write long. I'll have to wait and see if I could find computer lap in any building that I can use as well. Hopefully things will settle sown a bit. I have a feeling that I start to feel withdraw, if you know what I mean. It's just that, everything is so different (eventhough I expected this) and that I can't  do things I always do, you know. Stay up late, stay on the computer for hours, listen to music from sterio, watch TV/DVD, and all that.... I guess that's what I'm missing, computer sterio and TV.

Yeah, I know... I'm pathetic....T___T

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Monday, March 22, 2004
Bon Voyage to myself LOL

Okay, this will be my last entry before I head out to US. I'm still packing some stuffs, trying to remember what I do need and what I do not need. The first time I went to US I brought a HUGE suitcase, but I bring a lot smaller one this time. LOL I learn my lesson about carry that suitcase up to my room that was on fourth floor! (and that suitcase was f***ing heavy too!)

On April 8th, there will be QAF premire in SF, and I'm totally there!! XXD It's only 20 minutes away ffrom my campus, and I'll be total idiot if I don't go!! Will take plenty of pics for sure with my brand new digital camera that my mom just got me. She think that I will need it and since my sister will need her when they go to Europe trip in mid-April, she got me one!! Whoohoo!!! Really, I wasn't even asking for it, I was about to bring my (normal) camera. But my sister and I went to computer convention and they have sale for everything, camera, computer, book, etc, so the camera was cheaper than normal!! XXD

Now folks, I hope I'll be able to get back to computer soon after I get there. I'll report on how's the class, life, dorm, and everything.

So long for now,

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Okay, guys and gals, it's official! I just got back from the US embassy earlier, and GOOD NEWS!!! I got the visa! Mr. Green But that came from pretty painful waiting... here's the story,

I got out from bed about 5:30ish and got to the embassy at 6:30AM.  And that's after two and a half hours of sleep and non-breakfast for me, I want to be there as early as possible. When I got there, there's already about 100 of them there. I waited in the line in front of the embassy fro about an hour, then I got in. After I got in, I got this queue ticket number 810, the time was 7:30AM. In that little ticket have this on... "waiting time 12 minutes", so I think that I might actually finish up here soon enough to catch my friends at school later on. At that moment the number was at 803.. there also many lots of number including 0XX, 5XX, 6XX, 8XX, and 9XX. Which I have no idea what's the differences.

8AM, the number is still at 803....
8:30AM, still at 803....

I got up and ask about the number, she said "you have to wait".... I look at the number on the screen again and said "that number have been up for an hour, what's wrong?". She then replied, "you have to wait"  grrrrr.....

9AM, still at 803.... others, 05X (flowing quite smoothly) , 510, 608, 803, 903...
9:30AM, still at 803.... I'm starting to lose my patient.... I think "Twelve minuts my a**!!!! It's already 2 freaking hours!!" 
10AM, hahaaa 803!!
10:30AM, others number start to flow... 10X (from 0XX), 510, 611, 904... AND 803.
11AM, I'm tired of waiting, I'm bored to death, I'm sleepy, and I'm hungry! I didn't bring my CD-player to the embassy with me, and they took our cellphone... so I basically have nothing to do in the waiting room...except to stare at the screen. Now if I close my eyes, I can see that "803" very clearly, and I was joking with people who sit next to me about buying a lotto with that number later on.

And 11:30AM!! The number actually changed!! Not my imagination, it really happened!! There was actually a roar in the waiting room when the number on the screen change to 805!!!! O____O

I got my interview about 11:50ish, and answered his question which was easy ones. What's my name, why do you want to enter the States, to study what?, how long will I stay, and who will pay for my tuition...
He gave me this little yellow ticket, and told me to come back later about 2PM to get my passport back. I thanks him and left for lunch....

1:30PM, I got back and got in that dreadful waiting room again. Surprisingly, I met my friend from high-school there. She's also applying for visa, she's on Work&Travel program and will be working in Six Flags, Arlington this spring. I was very happy to met her, we chat and catch up on how other are doing. About 30 minutes later she had her interview, and she could leave right then because her agency will pick the passport for her later. But she was also waiting for her others friends to finish up their interview, so she sat with me and chatted some more.
2PM, came and went... no calling or anything
2:30PM, nope...nada.... except that my friend left... now I have no one to talk to again!  T_T 
3:00PM, they started calling some number... mostly with pink ticket. I was like "what about yellow ticket??"

3:30PM, they finally call my number and I got up to the window. This lady handed me my passport and said "your visa is issued"
I was happy to finally able to leave! LOL  It was 8 hours of waiting, and I think I have had enough. 

So, that's what I had been doing today folks!! Very exciting stuffs, I would say! *sarcasm*  But the good news is that, I got my visa and the expeiration date is in 2009! So, I'm happy about that!!!

One last thing, I LOVE HAL!!!!!!!!! 

= BGM: "Pleiades" by King's X =

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Monday, March 08, 2004

I LOVE YOU, HAL!!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

And I LOVE you, Lyndsey!!!

I got home from school today, which by the way, was tiring. I had business writing test today, and it was hard!!! Then a short meeting with my composition class teacher, Ms. Lulu. It was a short talk to see how our works are coming, she said mine was okay and she have no worry about me. GREAT! XD

Okay, so that was that....

I got home and uploading some files up to my webstorage. DONE! Thank God! I was uploading this same file last night, and when its almost done, the internet connection died!! And its happend three times!! I have no ide what went wrong with it...grrr....


I was checking the Lair (as always,) Lindz IMed me. She have THING for me!!! She told me that she would get Hal to say HI and Happy Birthday to me. And she DID got it for me!!!!


Okay, here's what she told me.

Lindz:  "do you think I could get a little clip of you saying HI and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my net friend?"
Hal:    "sure of course!"
Lindz: "her name is rocepta"
Hal:    "OH I KNOW ROCEPTA! She posts at my site!"

Yes folks, he said he know me!!! XXXD   That's just made my day!!!! I love him even more (if that even possible) that he's so kind and caring. I read in many posts and amazed how he can remember his fans!! ... okay more of my feeling later, here's what he said in the clip.

*little voice over of Lindz* "Okay, go ahead"
Hal: " *waving* Hi Rocepta. Thank you for all the gifts. I love you. Happy Birthday."
*little voice over of Lindz* "Thank you"

The clip is 6 seconds in total, but its mean so much more than that!!! I watched this clip for like three hours now, you do the math that how many time I already watched it. XXD

Okay folks, so here's my thought.... HE REMEMBERS ME!!!!

Gawd, this is speechless, I don't know how to explain this feeling of mine. You know, he and I never meet but he remembers me. It's HUGE for me. And he said "I love you" XXD  that's totally cool!

BIG THANK YOU to Lyndsey, she's totally nice to do this for me. While in that time she should be enjoying herself with Hal, she took time out of the little time (that Showtime gives you) and do this for me!! Thank you so much, Lyndsey! You have no idea how this means to me!

{{ Big Bear Hug to LYNDSEY }}

*sigh* Okay folks, that's all for now. Let me go watch this clip for about umm.. hundred times and I'll be back online again! LOL

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