Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I'm super happy!!!

I'm so so so happy today!! As soon as I got home, as always I check my e-mail and the Lair. (these became my habits for the last three months) Well, guess what I found in my mail box waiting for me?? Hal's replied to my mail!! I was like "No way! It's can't be!!" Well, it can be, and it was indeed from him! ^________^  *silly grin* I already gave up hope that he'll reply, I figured he would be so busy with all the events and works. So, I was not expected this!! Thank you Hal!! You make my days! Kup Kun Ka.

Okay, *breath in slowly* I'll try to calm down and report on what's going on with my life *breath in deeply again, but broke out with silly smile on my face* I'm so happy!!

Okay, let's try this again. The Queer as Fan concention went well, from what I heard. And that came with great news about the positive coming of Season 5 of QAF. I was a little worried about the rumor that season 4 will be the last for QAF. So this is a greeat news! Well, from what I heard Bobby Gant, Harris Allan and Dean Armstrong was really nice and they all enjoy the convention. They said (from what I recalled) Bobby took time to shake hand with everyone and took time to ask where did they came from. Harris was adorable and looks really excited to be there. He mentioned that he love hanging out with Hal and Bobby. Dean was really nice and heart everyone. He said that he'll be wearing a lot of blues in this season. And yes, Hal, what do you expected? He's charming as always, with all the cares and times he took for his fans. This man is so unreal *lol* seems like he exist only in someone dream! Or am I dreaming!? ^___^ 

I went to took those test for Pre-MBA program. I was a little surprised, it's a lot easier than I expected them to be. After all, a guy mentioned that it was like TOEFL test, so I thought it would be hard. But it was not, so there's two ways that I can think of... First, that guy kinda over reacted... *roll eyes* Second, the TOEFL test is not as hard as I think?? Well, I still not sure about the result, they said it would take two weeks to grad them. Eventhough I'm positive about the test, I still worried about the quality. (the sophomore, junior thing)

And now, I want to go there more than ever! Because Estranged777 from the Lair mentioned that Hal mentioned (confused?) in his e-mail to her that there might do something in Bay area around May. Yes, Bay area, I said! Haywoard is in Bay area and only half-hour from SF!! And I would still be there in May, the program started on March 28 thru May 23!! Come to think about this, I would be so mad if the concert held on May 24!!! *I'll keep my fingers crossed!*

I just got the grad's report from my last semester test. I scored Aces in all my English classes!! I am proud on the grad that I did so far. I don't like ,my first semester in my first year, which was really low. But after that, it's increasing everytime, so I'm happy. ^__^ 

I guess that's it for now. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! Oh, be careful on what you eat, especially chicken and egg.

=BGM: "joonetsu no kurenaibara" from Rose of Versailles (Japanese anime) =

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Sunday, January 11, 2004
What a luck!!

I went to Regency Study and Travel Fair today. Somehow, I end up signed up for the test next Saturday for MBA. If I pass the test, they will consider me to study 8 weeks in California State University. Actually, I'm not really qualified because I still in my sophomore year. And what they want are juniors and seniors, however, they said it's depend on my test score too. So, if I pass the registration too, I'll be study one MBA class plus English and GMAT class in CAL U. in March. Geez, actually I was just going to look around for information. I don't know how I end up signed up for the test! *lol* The university is located in Hayward, close to San Francisco which is north CA.

I'm really tired, and really need some sleep! I went to bed around 3 in the morning, and I can't even sleep too! And I set the alarm to wake me about 5-6ish, to watch NFL: Titans VS Patriots. Somehow, UBC didn't have it show as in schedule book. And I figured out that the match haven't even start yet, so I went back to bed. Woke up a little bit later to go to church. And when I got back, the match already started but UBC didn't have it on air. grrrr.... So, I open the match Live from ESPN instead. The Patriot (New England Patriots) won!! WHOOHOO, congratulations! ^__^

Umm... what else... oh, have I ever mentioned that Hal Sparks ROCK my world!? ^___^ *silly grin* I read some story about the QAF Book sighing in LA that he went. It sounds like the fans enjoy the event, and Hal is super nice (as always!) I'm counting the day till it's my turn!! By the way, my friend and I agreed on one thing, we would go to see him together. That's because we're so scare that we would make a fool of ourself, so we better go together (help each other out!) *lol* That was something we talked at 2 in the morning, when we should be sleeping! But, really we are so afraid that we wouldn't be able to understand him, especially his joke and all that. It would make us look so stupid, standing there with mouth dropping while others laughing their life out... -_-''' And they will think that we are so dull, and they won't talk with us any more... *sigh* Hope that will not happen. *fingers crossed*

Right now, I'm playing 'Devil May Cry' by ęCapcom. I know it an old game, but we just got the PS2 last month. Hal mentioned this game in 'Players', he said "Right now, I'm playing Devil May Cry which rocks" And yes, it's a good game. But I can't believe I actually play this game, it's not my type after all. Usually I'll play RPG (Role Playing Game) or simulation and puzzles. This adventure plus horror is not my choice of game at all. But I'll have to admitted, it's very interesting game and fun. umm... don't like rule about recover HP though. We can hold only one 'green olb' (that use to recover HP), and we have to trade 'red olb' for that. And the amount of 'red olb' require is increasing every time... grr... And those who know this game, I'll tell you one thing! I hate that big spider!!!!

And my new favourite song --> "Everything" by Lifehouse ^___^

=BGM: "Everything" by Lifehouse =

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Friday, January 09, 2004
First post in year 2004!

Finally, it's year 2004. I have wishes that I really want it to come true this year. I'll be nice and hopefully it will come true. ^___^

This year started out with some test (Mid-Term) both that I already took were English. First one is translation, and second one is composition. In composition test we have to write essay under topic 'friends'. I was waver on what I should write about. I have many topic in my mind, for example; many groups of friends that I have, the meaning of friends, how can you know that who's friend, and so on... Finally, I decided to write about my experiences on friends back in high-school. It's both painful and very cherish memory for me. I was in a group of friend that have similar interest, which was comic. We will spend time together draw comic, write comic, read comic, and talk comic. It was fun time, and we were really close. Then a few years later, everything just went wrong, one after another. And we broke up. I still keep in touch with two of my close friends. But the others, I'm not sure how are they now. I know they're fine and all, but never call for chat. *sigh*

Let see. Oh, and I love how this year started! On December 31 (in US, so it's already January 1 in Thailand) Hal post message in the Lair!! He wishes us Happy New Year! OMG, I was so happy to started a year like that! Later on January 2, he post again eventhough he's away on vacation. I can't believed that he took some time off his vacation to think about his fans. That make me love him even more! He said in his second post that he felt grateful to have such wonderful fans. God, I know that he don't know me and all, and he probably meant others people. BUT he uses the word 'ALL' so I kinda lie to myself, that he included me! ^____^ That make me smile like idiot for the whole week!

Yesterday, I read Lair's member experience on meeting Hal. He even remember her from APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles) and he even said that he read her Livejournal! God, I can't believe he took time to do that! *faint* And all those people that had met him said he is incredible! I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed for my turn!

Mick told me that she asking her friend, Bob, to copy the DVDs of 'I Love the...'. And she also mentioned that she will give me the copy of 'The Wayne Brady Show' that Hal was on this week. He sand on the show, and from what I heard he sounds terrific. Which I have no doubt at all, and he sang in acoustic version! And God know that I love acoustic songs! Just can#t wait to watch all those show when Mick send them to me! I Love You, Mick!!

Okay.. *glance up* this post is getting long, so I better stop and save some for later. *grin*

=BGM: ''Everything'' by Lifehouse =

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Thursday, December 25, 2003
London's trip!!

Hey!!! I'm back!! It seems like just a short time when I think about it now. But back then it was like forever! *lol*

First off, Merry Christmas ya'll !! Okay, so here we go, the report of my trip!

Day one: I arrived at Heathrow Airport very early in the morning.  We dropped the suitcases at the Hotel we staying, but we can't check-in till 2PM. We went to London Eye, which located next to hotel itself! London Eye is the large ferris wheel which over-look the whole London city. Later in the evening we went shopping in Soho (China Town). Then back to hotel to check-in. Visit my sister's college for awhile, and then go back to Soho for dinner.
>> breakfast: none, lunch: Chinese food, dinner: Wonton noodle soup.

Day two: My sister graduation at St. John Concert Hall. Visit British Museum in the evening. British Museum is very interesting, especially the Egypt and Roman displays. I always love the Ancient Egypt stuffs. ^__^ Moreover, I found the Roman status of various God and Goddess very very pretty! It all looks so 'life' and 'kind', if I may say. I don't really know how to explain that in to words, but it's look warm and very pretty. My sister and I go shopping at Waterstone and HMV (book ansd CD store respectively)
>> breakfast: some cracker and milk, lunch: chicken with gravy, boiled potatoes, dinner: oyako-don (Japanese food - teriyaki chiaken over rice with egg)
>> I bought: little feng-shui cat, books; A return to Love (Marianne Williamson), The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown), CDs and DVD; "Queer as Folk (US version)" soundtrack season 2-3, "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack, "Queer as Folk (UK version)" collection DVD set

Day three: //raining// First stop, Madame Tussauds's Museum (wax-museum). It was interesting, many of them looks like real human. However, I DISLIKE the Live-action room!!! It's not because it's look unreal, or something like that. But it's part of Chamber of Horror but with the live-action in it. There's various guys in scary cloth that scare the shit out of me!! Basically, it's haunted house!! NNOOOO!!! Visit Sherlock Holm's house at 221b Baker Street. It's three or four-stairs small apartment. A guy who pretending that he's Sherlock who's about hundred-something years old was quite funny, and cute *grin* Later on we go walking in shopping area, and have dinner.
>> brunch: bread with sausage inside and milk, dinner: Angus's cheeseburger
>> I bought: five Britain bear figures for my friends

Day four: London Bridge. We walk past it but didn't visit the inside. Then we head to Tower of London, which used as prisoner in the past for many important peoples of Britain's history including Princess Elizabeth (later on Queen Elizabeth I), Anne Bolyn (Elizabeth I's mother / second wife of Henry VIII), Lady Jane Gray, and Catherine Howard (fifth wife of Henry VIII) After the long walk in Tower of London, we head back to Soho for dinner. Visit Buckingham Palace at night, can't see much. I did make a wish with the fountain in front of the palace, however, what I wished is nothing to be tell *look away*
>> breakfast: bacon and egg bagel, lunch: Chinese fried noodle with lemon chicken, dinner: mushroom creamy soup and special nachos
>> I bought: two sets (8 in total) of water colour print pictures of London's famous places, a bookmark, which inscribed on it the 'Footprints'* story which is my favourite story.

Day five: Take the train to Windsor Castle. There's a lot of things to be seen in this Castle, including the Jewel and many official robe and crown. Windsor Castle was on fire back in 1991, which damaged many rooms. However, it repaired and better than before. Later in the evening, I go shopping with my sister again. At night, 7:30, we go to see 'The Phantom of the Opera' at Her Majesty Theater Hall. The ticket already almost sold out by the time we got to ticket ofice. We had to sit seperate, but at least we get in to see the show. The show was great! It was my first show I ever went to see. Moreover, I didn't know the ending of the show so I was really sad. Poor Phantom, Christine broke his heart... *sobb*
>> brunch: bacon and egg bagel (I like them, do you have problem with that??), dinner: KFC
>> I bought: CDs; "Queer as Folk (US version" soundtrack season 1, "Queer as Folk (UK version) soundtrack season 1-2

Day six: One word; SHOPPING!! We shop and shop and shop some more till the time we have to leave for the airport *smirk*
>> brunch: Chinese fried rice with orange chicken, dinner: Burger King
>> I bought: some lotion from THe Body Shop, book; Easy-to-use Feng Shui (Lillian Too), chocolate

So that's all!! I hope I didn't forget anything, um...

* "Footprints" author unknown
One night a man dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. As scenes of his life flashed before him, he noticed that there were two sets of footprints in the sand. He also noticed at his saddest, lowest times there was but one set of footprints. This bothered the man. He asked the Lord, "Did you not promise that if I gave my heart to you that you'd be with me all the way? Then why is there but one set of footprints during my most troublesome times?" The Lord replied, "My precious child, I love you and would never forsake you. During those times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then I carried you. *

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Monday, December 15, 2003
Hal posted his messages in the Lair!

I'm so happy!!! Hal posted message in the Lair twice in this past week! He never post once in the old board, I guess this is the advantage of being 'official' ^___^ There's also a very interesting Q&A from Hal. Great point of view answer about B/M relationship too. "They are together, just not in ways people think" (don't quote me, this is out from fresh memory)

Some of those who mailed Hal, got their reply! I'm so envy!!!! I want one too, but I understand. He's very busy busy busy man. And those mail would probably more important, because some of them asked for his advice. I would rather have him reply to those poeple instead to me just to make me happy. Geez, but I'm making myself sad here, so I'll stop. T__T

In two days, I'll heading to London to attend my sister graduation. I'm kinda exciting (if I don't think about all the work that I have to do when I get back) We will go see 'Phantom of the Opera', British Museum, and many places. I also want to check out the CD Warehouse, or someplace like that too. In case I could find QAF's Soundtrack ^^

I love the 70s, I love the 80s and I love the 80s Strikes Back will re-run at the end of this year on VH1. I really want to see these program, unfortunately that VH1 in Thailand doesn't show any of these show. They show freaking 24-hours-non-stop of music video!! I'm not sure if Mick will be able to get them on DVD, I hope so.


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