Thursday, November 18, 2004
completely random...

I feel bad for have been slacking in posting and internet area in general. I get online everyday, but just leave it on after checking a few things. Not have been doing much. So here we go, some randomness.... hahaha beware!

First, my friends are so predictable. Seriously, like I thought they would. This semester English class is really tough, and it's a lot of work. And my friends are not really use to that. They also have two extra classes from me, because they dropped the English class last semester (me and my other friend didn't so we don't have to retake anything, in addition we both got A from tht class *grin*). *clear throat* Anyway, after... umm... *counting* 3 classes... they already talking about dropping out from this class *again*. They said it's too much work, and they're tired. Well, my first thought was that "didn't you learn any lesson from last semester? You dropped one class to make that semester easier, to only add extra work to the next already busy semester." >.<'''

But well, I can't really say much to them because, they don't listen to me, what they always say is that "It's easy for you to say, your English is good!". Which I HATE, I really do! I hate when they use that excuse to put it on me, like it was my fault that the class is hard. The next thing they say is that, "We have more classes than you do!". Well, for your info, I have the normal class total... you guys dropped out from those classes that you couldn't take while I stayed... hence English last semester and Japanese in second year. 

Okay, I really do feel them that I may have a little advantage on English skill... and I took a business class once, so I kinda know what to expect (hard work). They didn't know that.. and I guess are not ready for that either. But my other thought is that you can't run away from hard work all your life!! It will come to you in one way or the other, sooner or later. If you can't take the class work, how can you deal with work's work or life's work afterward?? They are not the same, I know, but in a way you need to have determination and toleration.

Randomly, I just thought about another thing that I really dislike... It's when I go abroad... or study elsewhere, and I always try to make friends with native speaker or at least those that are not speaking the same language as me. Why, you asked? Because that's what I was there for! To learn language and to know people in other countries or different cultures. And of course, people from the same country as I am will ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYs, think that I'm ignorance. I'm friend with them, of course. I greet them, I talk to them, I never hit them with a baseball bat, I never throw rotten apple at them, or steal their cookies. I just usually didn't hang out with them, like going to breakfast lunch and dinner together, or go to class together, or go shopping together. I would rather do that with friends I made who're from other countries.
And after a while, some of them eventually mentioned to me, "How can your English is so good?". *groans* I really want to just tell them, "Because I didn't spend all my time hanging out with friends from Thai whispering in Thai while you're in other country. I went out and try to use the language I'm here to learn...because if I wanted to chat in Thai, I would just stay in Thai. Why sat on my ass for 16 hours to come here in the first place??"  *groans* Am I being rude? What is your opinion on this?

NEXT... to lighten the mood... let's go on totally different topic. I heard from my sis that "The Da Vinci Code" is going to be made a movie, okay so I heard this too. But I didn't heard that the guy who's going to play Robert Langdon is Tom Hank! Whoa... okay that's not exactly my image of Robert L. LOL He would look too much like Sophie's grandfather in my opinion! LOL No offend, but the face that I imagine for him is somewhat like Tom H., accidently of course. But I have no doubt that he's a good actor, he got my crying in "The Green Mile" before anyway. So, I guess this is okay. Looking forward to this movie. Thought I'm positive as well that the movie won't be as good as the book itself.

Have you seen the new version of this book though?? Oh boy, if I'm a diehard collector this is one of a must. LOL The book with reference picture in a hard cover... classic, I must say. Though I'm not going to get it because, I already have the hard cover of the original version... and my sister has one in translated version. We don't need three copies of one book under the same roof now, do we? LOL

It's November... almost December.... it's suppose to be cold!!! >.<'' But no, it's still hot here, though it's a little cooler this morning than the other days. But it's still hot, feel like summer than winter. T_T'' *melted*

And Christmas is near.... its approaching silently... damn... I'm broke. I just bought a new swiming suit today.... *shit*.... and been paying for books and gifts for friends plus postage on that. And now I have NO idea on what to get for my very special guy... not my boyfriend... but Hal. I'm really in big trouble... I need to get it soon or else it won't reach TO in time before the winter break. I didn't send it in time last year, and he got it way after New Years (that's suck...). So I should send it earlier this year, to not repeat thta history again. But the problem is WHAT to get and to send!!!? *frustrate* Can I just packed myself and send me to him?... yeah right.. he would probably throw the box out the door in a second sharp and put a "Return to sender" sign on it. Bad idea.... WHAT to get!????

Now to a completely random topic... for manga/anime lover only, no offend but you won't know what I'm talking about unless you are. I wonder if "Karasu no kamen" (the glass mask) had ended? Anyone know? It's originally published for the first time way back, even before I was born... that's about 1979 or something like that. And the latest volume was a few years back, volume 41, I think. And it's not ended... it's at the story climax! >.<''' I literally forgot about this story till last week, where I found it hidden in my drawer under my bed (where I keep old mangas) started reading it through again... and now I want to see the ending of this story. Damn it. >.<'''''

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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Another fun...

Okay, so I have two blog under blogdrive as of now, which is this one and Eternity's Stories. And yet, I ran off and get another one at And it's not like I'm not busy this semester. This semester's works seem to be harder and tougher than of the last, which I thought could not possible. But yet, as the fourth days of actual classes passed... I learned that it was an under-estimating. But more on that later, *clear throat* now back to this new account. So I signed up for an account at MySpace... I noticed that it's system is a lot similar to Live Journal. And I was too lazy to get an account in LJ... I decided to get this one instead. So here we go...  "Shouting to be Heard"

Okay... so if you look at my friends list you might noticed my big motivation on getting an account with this server instead of LJ. *clear throat* XD Anyway, if any of you decide to give MySpace a try, I would love to have you in my friend list as well. *grin* Looking forward to chatting with everyone.

umm... now about my classes this semester. I have 6 classes, which is a good thing that I didn't register for more.... because it's so busy as it is. Got one external reading to read. Got a whole chapter of Searching and Retriving Files to translate. Got a news to analyse with three other friends. Got Pshychology reports line up in the line... about Leadership. Got lessons to prepare before next week. And the worse of all is got a business to start. Yep, its an assignment to start up a business. Not actually starting it, but all the planning of marketing, promoting, money and everything need in order to start up a business need to be done for this assigment. Oy! >.<''

My friends and I sent each other a look that said it all.... "We have trouble" with a sweat dropping on our forehead. >.<''' This is going to be a long and tough semester indeed.

Thanks to Mick (of and Brenda I was able to watched "The Test" that Hal was on in year 2001. Man, it was hilarious!!! I was laughing so hard that my gut hurted. Not to mention that I learned something new from what was shown in that TV show. It's about Fiderlity test... are you a cheater or not, that kind of thing (to sum up). It was very interesting seeing Hal answered all those question in such insight and, yet, very amusing. "You have to understand me, how my brain works. I joke about it first, then I answer." You're a real comedian, Hal!

If any want to watch it, The Test (4.3 MP WMV Zipped file). Guarantee to give you a good laugh for the day.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
The new semester has started

It's that time again.... the new semester has started and back to school I go. I wanted to not. >.< I wanted my vacation, I wanted to be bored with nothing to do. I wanted to be able tor ead whatever I wanted to, without having to keep in mind that what I read will be on a test.

But I can not resist the tide.... shit.

The first class that ever started on the lesson was on Monday, English class. And now I have to read "O Pioneers!" by Willa Cather. I have read this book before once, when I was an exchange student. It was for my Lit class, it's basically about American Dreams. But of course, I totally forgot what happen and what not in the story, so I have no advantage over my friends. ummm... the class today was boring though. Summary thing, read or listen and summary. Boy, that's the most boring thing... been doing the same thing over for three years... not including those in high-school. >.<''

I've been driving, I would drive from campus back to my home. I'm getting better and don't feel that much nervous anymore. ....... well, my mom who sit with me is the one who's nervous. She afraid that I will hit someone or something. *grin* Well, FYI, not yet!

umm... what else, boy my life is so boring right now. Finished another book (have I already tell?) "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown. Still have one more to go, "Deception Point".

" irelogdtilymehsnywexasgritcpoleshipbaahiteotlsnen " >.<

Well, I hope you guys had a great weekend, it was Halloween. A holiday that named after Hal, *laugh* according to Hal, that is. *grin* I didn't do anything special, Halloween is not much of a big event here. But hey at least I remember that it was Halloween.

Vote vote, I'm excited on who's going to win US election. I hope Kerry win. It's time for freedom and peace. blah... not like anyone care my opinion. But well, I know someone who's opinion counted. Been reading Hal's posts that he tried to encourage fellow Americans to get their butt of the ground and go vote.

Okay, maybe I'm a little tired... okay a lot. Since talking about Hal only cheer me up a little, that's a dangerous sign. I'm off to bed. I might post again tomorrow to see if I'm feeling better or not.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
A little more to say

Two posts in the same day, just right after one another...  LOL Well, that's only because I would like to keep it seperated or else the previous one would be incredibly long and confused.

Well, I went to school today... oy! Back to school already?? But we didnt have any class today, it was a seminar (kinda) about preparing ourselve to the internship. I heard a mention of this one illness which remind me of what i felt on that day I went to took the driving test, its call Psychosomatic. It was basically caused from stress (at least in my case) and caused pain in certain area such as head or stomach. Hopefully it won't become anything permanent. I hope not, and I don't think so since it was the only time I ever felt like that. Hopefully not again.

Next... when I got home, I got online to check Hal's Lair. Only to come across just a shocking news to me, Wanda left the admin status. It was a shocked for me since I always know that Shirley and Wanda will be there in the Lair. And now that Wanda left, I felt really weird. Shirley asked us if we would stay and keep moderating, she thought that because most of us know Wanda more thn her, we would leave as well. But I assured her that I'm staying and helping her until she want to kick me out. LOL Its all for Hal in a way too, keeping his official forum nice and sound is a great and honor responsibilty to any of us fans.

My sister is hurted badly. She fell from a stair at work last week and pull or twisted her foot. And it's getting owrse and worse, eventhough the doctor couldn't explain why. And there's nothing wrong with the bone or muscle either. She was able to walk almost normally last week, but today she have to walk one feet (kinda like hopping around on one feet). I'm worried, I hope she will get better really soon.

I knew my grade from 5 classes today. I got three A from two English classes and a Phychology class. And two B+ from two Thais classes LOL Still one more class that I don't know the result yet. But I'm very satisfied with what I got right now! I should be able to get at least 3.6-3.8 in last semester, which will pull my grade from 3.49 up to over 3.5-3.6. Which will be great since that's the cut for honor roll. WooT!!

Okay, off I go. Hope you all have a great day. Be nice to each other. Be proud.

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Home sweet home

I just got back home from a trip with my family. It was a trip that my dad's friends augonized and my dad wanted us to go. I didn't want to go since the whole points of the trip were for them to get together, to match their kids up. Which of course, I have no interested it. But we went anyway.

We left on Friday's night by train up north, it took about 8 hours. I slept almost the entire way LOL When we got there it was early morning, and we hit the road and the trip started then. The trip was nothing much, a little of sight seeing here and there. Little shopping from places to places. I found some of the stuffs that are really cheap, which were great.

But the last day was such a conclusion! We spent the night before at a resort of Forest Aut. and around 9AM the next day, me and a majority of the group went walking in the forest. Though I said forest, its also a mountain... very high. We walked up and down the mountain/forest for about two hours or so. The total distance (the guide told us) was about 2km. I know that its sound nothing, I thought the same. But walking up and down the mountain and slippy groud took much of the energy. Luckily that the weather was nice, it was cool inside the forest so that's great. But the bad part was that when we finished the walking, I felt something in my sock. I was wearing sock, tennis shoe, and jean. I took off my show and guess what I saw, blood on my sock. I took off my sock and guess what I found, a leech! It was happily sucking my blood out. lovely... *sarcasm* If you don't know what leech is, it's a kind of living thing without backbone a lot like slug, but this kind attached itself to other living thing and such their blood out as food. If you got one, don't try to pull it off it will cause you the skin damaged such as rip or something along the way. Try to put some cigarett butt on it, it will get drunk and fall off. Luckily mine was already off. The problem was that if you got sucked by a leech, the blood won't stop... good side is that you won't feel a thing. No pain, no string, no iching, nothing. That's why when people got it, they don't know until they saw blood dripping out from their shoe or pant. And yes, my blood was bleeding for like hours. I was lucky that I only got a small leech. Other people in my group got some of the big one, another person didn't know till we were leaving the place and my mom noticed blood strain on her pant. (and it was obviously not a period, if that what you're thinking).

And another bad thing that happened was that I accidently delete all the picture in my camera while I was trying to take a picture of the mountain top! GREAT, just fan-fcuking-tastic!

Okay to a funny part. I found this hilarious, it might be just me, but I'm sharing anyway. After the walking and shopping for the rest of the day, we had a train to catch at 8PM. And we stopped at a place to take shower, it was a love motel!! LOL I dont' mind, I think that the planner was genious. I was wondering that where we could take a proper shower without people staring (public shower room) or not to check in to a hotel (too expensive). But the moms (wives of my dad's friends) found this too edgy and started complaining right then and there in the moddle of the parking lot of the motel. For me, I don't give a shit that it was a love motel, we didn't going to do anything and the guide booked the whole motel so there's no one except our group. And my mom also started yelling and complaining, but I already started to take off to one of the empty room. LOL The light weren't on, and my mom got pissed and walked down the stair in order to go to another room instead. As soon as she left the light flickered to life, the owner just turn on the main power. So my mom have to walk up the stair again she was grumbing. I just found all these moms reaction hilarios! I don't know, maybe its just me. LOL But hey, four walls and a roof, and a working shower with running water will do find for me anytime I need to take a shower.

I guess there's nothing else about the trip... there was nothing happened. It wasn't a really good memoriable trip either, kinda boring but the weather was great.

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